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A quality product needs to be built on a sound foundation, and Supawood uses nothing but the best materials in the development of their pre-finished architectural panel lining systems.

Manufactured from the highest quality, E1 low formaldehyde MR-MDF (moisture resistant medium density fibreboard), all Supawood standard products are humidity resistant & have a far greater impact resistance than plasterboard, making them ideal for high traffic & high activity areas.

Machining & Finishing
With our experience in acoustic panel manufacture, Supawood panels are all precision machined to ensure clean and smooth edges without chips and burrs, giving a quality of finish that is the best available in the industry. And through the application of both positive and negative air pressures during manufacture, all dust is removed from any perforations ensuring clean and efficient installation.

Going Green
In the past, building and refurbishment projects mainly focused on aesthetic considerations. How times have changed! With a greater focus now on environmentally friendly options, Supawood Green Panels feature MDF with low formaldehyde emissions (E0 or E1) made from FSC® certified plantation grown timber along with finishes having low volatile organic compounds (VOC's), thus meeting the meeting the requirements of Green star projects. Read more...
Fire Retardant
Supawood FR panels now allow you to use timber panels where none could be used previously! Despite more stringent BCA fire-hazard regulations, Supawood FR Panels still meet all requirements for any Group number (1,2 or 3) and for any interior area within any class of building. In meeting Group 1 requirements, Supawood FR Panels are deemed the least combustible timber product and the Outdoor living and humid areas can be used in all critical areas such as fire-isolated exits, lift car interiors, public corridors, and lobbies providing fire egress. The panels can also be used in aged care or health-care buildings, atriums, open plan offices, theatres, auditoriums, halls or schools. Read more...

Wet Area Panelling
Supawood panels are all manufactured as standard from MR MDF. But for high humidity situations, such as external soffits, then Supawood's Wet Sealed Panels can be used to provide additional moisture resistance. Read more...

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