• supacoustic acoustic lining panels tbs

  • supaline decorateive panels tbs
  • supaslat slatted panels tbs
  • supatile ceiling tiles tbs
  • maxi beam tbs
  • wave blades tbs

Custom Sizes = no mess - go home sooner!

Panel sizes & Cut-outs: Panel systems can be produced cut to size, meaning that they turn up with fully finished face and edges. So when you receive them, you have:

        • No onsite cutting or finishing
        • Quicker and simpler installation
        • No mess from cutting
        • No risk of cutting mistakes

All of these fantastic benefits help to reduce the installation costs and enable the project to be completed sooner, meaning the return on the investment starts earlier.

Whether you need cut-outs for screens or signage, bespoke sized panels for integration into desks, or for columns or bar fronts, all we need is your drawings or dimensions to make your installation as simple and rapid as possible. 

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