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  • supaslat slatted panels tbs
  • supatile ceiling tiles tbs
  • maxi beam tbs
  • wave blades tbs

Supasurface - Laminates UK

  • The warmth of natural timber laminates without variations in grain, shade and gloss.
  • Available in seven timber finishes as well as black, white and silver.
  • Economical without compromising quality.
  • Zero VOC emissions.
  • Extremely durable, impact resistant and easy to maintain.
  • Face finish wraps seamlessly around the panel edges.

Suitable for:
Supacoustic, Supatile Slat, Supaslat and Maxi Beam.

Colours available in UK only

 Please note: The colours shown on this page are a guide only and may vary when displayed on different screens or when printed.

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