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Supawood's slatted panels.

Supaslat slatted 
panels acoustic test results
Slat & Beam Product Range Acoustic Test Results

The SUPASLAT Range includes:

If you are looking for something more chunky go here for our Maxi Beam dowloads.




Premium Slatted Panels

supaslat brochure  spec wording supaslat Supaslat Custom Modules How to modify Beams and Slats onsite 
Supaslat Brochure  Supaslat Specification Wording Supaslat Custom Modules  How to modify Beams and Slats onsite 


Supaslat 3D Images Supaslate Fixing Details Supaslat Project News




Premium Fully Accessible Slatted Ceiling System


Supaslat Tile 
brochure Supatile Slat Detail Drawings Supatile Slat 
specification wording  
Supatile Slat Brochure    Supatile Slat
Specification Wording


 national anzac centre pr afg perth pr   nepean tafe health  
Driftwood Supatile Slat ceilings used
to enrich mood in memorial museum
Supatile Slat features in award winning office fitout   Feature timber ceiling solves acoustics, access and aesthetics   


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